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TrailPort: allows you all of the traditional uses of a box truck or autohauler with the security of a combination safe. Now your prized racecar or antique car can be as secure as if they were stored in a giant safety deposit box. Trailport has no windows or doors so that even the most determined vandal or thief will not have access to to your prized vehicle safely hidden inside.

TrailPort: allows you to store your vehicle conveniently while leaving your garage free and clear for other uses. Maintenance can actually be performed on the Trailport. There is plenty of room to stand in front of an automobile with the hood open. Access from all angles allows you to perform most tasks in place. Classic and show cars can even be displayed on the Trailport while still protected from the elements.

Many: car enthusiasts travel overnight to car shows all over the country. Now your vehicle will be safe while you are in your hotel room. This is the equivalent of bringing your garage from home on all trips. Load or unload in minutes -- by yourself! You simply drive on or off using our convenient built in ramp system. Open or close the Trailport with a simple press of a button.
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